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MediaShair Wireless Media Hub w/Built-in Power Station
Wireless Media Hub w/SD/USB Input & Built-in Power Station
Marshal Rosenthal @
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I was planning to have a few friends over to barbecue during the weekend and was mulling over what to do about the music and if I wanted to play any videos. — the grilling/patio area of the building I am now in doesn't let you bring a TV or audio system with you and besides there's no AC outlets. So I had to get creative and that's where the MediaShare Hub came in. I pre-loaded an SD card with music, video and photos that I wanted to share and charged up the MediaShair so that it had plenty of juice for running the WiFi network it creates (no need for a home network/router and besides it wouldn't be portable then). And while I had no need of it, had I wanted to use it as an access point for my home network, I could have done it.
Rick Broida @
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The 4-oz. MediaShair looks like a miniature router, an apt description because it doubles as a mobile access point. And, like the other two hubs in this roundup, it triples as a mobile charger. But IOGEAR's device, which measures 2.8 x 3.7 x 0.6 in., has the best design of the three, from its beautiful glossy white finish to its large LED icons that clearly indicate battery, Wi-Fi, Internet and SD status. Amazingly, it's also the most compact of the hubs, even if it does weigh a fraction more than Kingston's MobileLite Wireless.
Marshal Rosenthal @
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Why bother with a smartphone connected to a Bluetooth speaker when you can connect everyone's smartphone all at once? Create a group music player, and get all your guests involved! This battery-powered server from IOGEAR has its own wireless network, so an SD card filled with music will play on up to 7 iOS/Android phones or tablets simultaneously. Just have everyone download the free app first. And it's just as easy to stream video clips or share photos too.
Deb Porterfield @
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Maybe you're planning to visit Grandma soon and want to share photos, movies and even retrieve some of those documents you need for work. You probably don't want to fumble with a zillion different gizmos to find what you need. That's where the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub can come in handy. With this device, you can store a movie or slide show on a drive, connect it to the hub, and then view it on your tablet or phone via its Wi-Fi network.
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Wireless Media Hub w/SD/USB Input & Built-in Power Station
Share your movies, music, photos, and documents on the go with this Media Hub and watch, listen, view or access them on almost any wireless device by downloading the MediaShair App in the Apple and Google Play Store
up to
Use the MediaShair's own WiFi signal to share all your stored media with up to 7 smartphones, tablets and laptops.
USB Flash Drive or External HDD
SD Card
Wireless Hard Drive Hub
Flash Drive Hub
Wireless Media Hub
SD Card Hub
Media Hub
Share movies with Family
Share photos with Friends
Share large files with Co-Workers
Access Point features allows internet connectivity by joining existing wireless network devices.
Travel Router for WiFi Network
Simply plug in the rooms existing Ethernet cable into the MediaShair Hub.
Connect with Business
Be the hero on your next business trip and take the MediaShair on-the-go to fit your business and travel needs. Simply connect to the internet in the conference room or lobby to give your co-workers access to the internet. Or have someone download the app in the conference room to see your presentation up close and personal!
Conference Room
Lobby / Lounge
Hotel Room
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Charge nearly any smartphone with the MediaShair Hub
Charge your iPad®, iPhone®, or Android with your charging cable.
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Wireless Media Hub w/SD/USB Input & Built-in Power Station
  • Stream movies, music, photos and documents to 7 devices
  • Built-in Wi-Fi network [Travel Router]
  • SD card reader
  • USB for flash drive or external hard drive connection
  • Built-in battery for up to 9 hours of playback while on-the-go
  • Ethernet port converts wired internet to Wi-Fi
  • Free iPod/iPhone/iPad & Android Apps
  • Included car charger keeps MediaShair powered on the road
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Wireless Media Hub w/SD/USB Input & Built-in Power Station
1. Q: Will this work with my... iPhone, android phone, laptop, desktop?
A: The GWFRSDU includes free downloadable apps for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad® and Android devices, and for other devices you can simply enter the MediaShair Hub's IP address into the web browser address bar of any laptop, desktop, smartphone or other smart device. Media playback is limited to the file formats supported by your device.

2. Q: Is the Wi-Fi secure?
A: The Wi-Fi network name and password can be changed as needed, and the default encryption setting is WPA2 for proper network security.

3. Q: What formats can I stream?
A: The file formats are limited to those supported by your device. Laptops and PCs can stream nearly any file supported by the installed software on the computer. Android devices can use the stock media player or those offered by third parties to play a multitude of file formats. Apple devices can play formats supported by the native media player built into the Apple operating system.

4. Q: How long does it take to charge the device?
A: Normal charge time is approximately 3 hours with the included 1A charger. Connecting to a standard USB port will charge the MediaShair Hub, but will increase the charging time.

5. Q: Will this charge my smartphone or tablet?
A: Yes, the MediaShair Hub's internal battery can provide emergency charging for most smartphones and tablets if needed. Remember the playback time for your streaming media will be greatly impacted when using the internal battery in Powerstation Mode, and tablets are likely to receive only a small recharge since they typically have extremely large batteries.

6. Q: Can I transfer the SD card from my camera and share the photos?
A: Yes. Simply put your SD card into the MediaShair Hub's SD slot and connect your mobile devices to the MediaShair Hub network to view your photos on multiple devices simultaneously.

7. Q: Can I connect different devices at the same time?
A: Yes, you can connect a combination of up to 7 different mobile devices at the same time.

8. Q: What is the WiFi range?
A: Wi-Fi range is impacted by walls and other wireless networks, so while the average range is about 50', it can be reduced in high interference areas or increased in wide open spaces.

9. Q: Can I share up to 7 large movies at the same time?
A: Yes. You can share with 7 different devices at the same time, each connected to a different movie. The same movie can normally be streamed to 3-5 devices depending on proximity to the MediaShair Hub and the size/format of the file.

10. Q: How do I connect to the device to watch movies, music, photos, etc.?
A: First, plug content into the MediaShair Hub's SD slot or USB port. Then for Android or Apple devices simply download the MediaShair App from the Google Play Store or the App Store, then connect to the MediaShair Hub's Wi-Fi network. For laptops and other smart devices, simply connect to the MediaShair Hub's Wi-Fi network then open a browser window and enter the MediaShair Hub's IP address to access media content and system tools.

Power Button- activates device charging or MediaShair Wi-Fi network.
Charging Input for the included micro USB cable and car charger.
SD Card Slot allows for viewing and sharing of content from an SD Card.
LED indicators display the current status of the MediaShair Hub.
USB Port for sharing your movies, music, photos and files or for emergency charging your mobile device.
Ethernet port converts any wired Internet connection to instant Wi-Fi.